Canton Community Foundation

Local organizations have a need for stable, predictable sources of income. Grants and donations are only one component of the fundraising strategy. An Organizationl Endowment Fund at the Canton Community Foundation can help you develop a predictable revenue stream in perpetuity. Here is how it works:

  • Your organization can make either a one-time charitable contribution or a series of contributions in order to make the minimum endowment level of $10,000
  • CCF then sets up a fund named for your organization and issues regular statements detailing your endowment fund activity.
  • Assets in your organization’s endowment fund are pooled with other endowment funds held by CCF, and invested through Comerica Charitable Investment Group using a strategy that preserves wealth by focusing on long-term growth of principal and avoidance of excessive risk.
  • As the fund grows, you can either request distributions from CCF to your organization or reinvest the gains in the fund.
  • You and your donors can make additional gifts to the fund, including planned and deferred gifts.

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To make a donation to the Canton Public Library click on the link below.

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