Canton Community Foundation

Grants will only be made to 501(c)3 organizations.  Proposed projects should aim to improve social and health outcomes for youth and seniors in the greater Canton community.  Examples for youth include, but are not limited to, prevention and cessation of tobacco use, prevention of substance abuse, conflict resolution, after-school activities, parenting education, and overall wellness.

What Are the Priorities of the Foundation?

The Board believes that with limited unrestricted funds, it is necessary to determine where those dollars can be placed to have the greatest impact on the needs and growth of the community.

Grant-Making Principles

  • To encourage programs which are collaborative, comprehensive and have the potential to be continuous.
  • To encourage leveraging and matching grant opportunities from multimple funders.
  • To support "seed" money opportunites for innovative projects.
  • To focus on the prevention of problems rather then the cure.

Program Areas of Interest


  • Support arts/music/culture education programs.
  • Improve access to cultural programs, especially for children and youth.
  • Promote financial stability and organizational development for arts organizations.


  • Encourage our young people to stay in school.
  • Consider opportunities that can impact all public and private K-12 schools.

Health and Human Services

  • Promote healthy lifestyles through education and prevention programming.
  • Promote health programs and projects.
  • Support programs that encourage families to become self-sufficient.
  • Support of human resource support systems.

Community Development

  • Suport civic improvement and economic development efforts.
  • Support programs that will enhance the perception and image of the community.
  • Preservation/erection/maintenance of monuments or works promoting/highlighting resources and history.


  • Support programs that provide environmental education for all age levels.
  • Support for projects to protect and restore green spaces.
  • Promotes conservation/environmental protection.
  • Promotes community beautification.

What Will the Foundation Generally Not Fund?

While the Foundation remains flexible in trying to meet community needs, the following are areas that will generally not be considered for funding at this time:

  • Routine operating expenses
  • Multi-year grants
  • Travel, tours or trips, publications, videos, films, television or radio programs
  • Conference speakers
  • Lobbying activities
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Capital campaigns
  • Special funding events and sponsorships
  • Organizations located outside greater Canton and surrounding communities
  • Religious organizations
  • Existing obligations or debts/liabilities
  • Political organizations
  • Individuals

If you have any other questions regarding the grant process, please contact Darice Schubatis at (734) 495-1200 or dschubatisThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..